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Vitamix used to be a solitary pony in the triple-digit sticker price classification of blenders, yet nowadays it’s inexorably ordinary for a blender to be a significant lavish expenditure. While Vitamix actually keeps it together up top as the Maserati of superior models, there are a modest bunch of suitable options that cost less, while as yet verifying a considerable lot of the provisions you’ll discover with Vitamix’s renowned blenders.

Beast blender

Style wasn’t a class in our “interesting points” segment since blenders have never been a machine intended to be flaunted. Monster, in any case, was made explicitly with making a blender that is, truth be told, Instagram-accommodating. They succeeded: the Beast Blender is excellent!

Made by Colin Sapire, the author of NutriBullet, Beast as of late dispatched their one-speed, 1,000-watt blender. Given the single speed, you can’t utilize this for sensitive capacities, however you can quickly squash frozen and non-frozen natural products, veggies and ice blocks. All things considered, the engine on this blender is a long way from essential. It screens its sharp edge speed and makes steady changes in accordance with keep up with reliable speed and force. It likewise screens inside temperature to abstain from overheating, particularly significant for hot fluids. On the off chance that the vessel substance are too hot, a light becomes red to show that it’s excessively hot to securely mix.

Monster additionally accompanies a drinking top and convey cap that you just screw on to the mixing vessel to take your beverage with you in a hurry. Every one of the parts are top rack dishwasher-protected with the exception of the blender base and cutting edge. To the extent blenders go it isn’t so boisterous.

$155 at

Oster blender

Oster Blender packs 1200 watts at a truly sensible cost. This is an extraordinary illustration of how you can set aside cash without thinking twice about highlights by choosing a minimized, single serve-size blender.

This choice accompanies a six-cup glass container that is both tough and dishwasher safe, and a 24-ounce smoothie cup for in a hurry. It has seven velocities from heartbeat to purée including three pre-modified settings for salsas, shakes and smoothies. It’s warm shock tried and has a heartbeat highlight for accuracy.

$59.99 at

Best for Family with kids

Babymoov Duo Meal Station Food Maker 6-in-1

Many individuals purchase Babymoov when they start their little child’s progress to food since it tends to be utilized for both purées just as child drove weaning, however guardians rapidly find that it very well may be utilized for the entire family.

As well as flaunting a three-speed blender that is programmable for different cook times (it can make thick, smooth and velvety surfaces), it has two liner bushels to mix, cook, warm and thaw out (steaming and mixing should be possible all the while). It additionally has a LCD screen that incorporates alarms when food is prepared and, for guardians, this can be utilized as a container hotter/sanitizer. Parts are dishwasher-safe.

What you’re forfeiting here is torque and blender space (it functions as an individual blender or takes into account adequate space to make as long as seven days of little child food).

$159.99 at

Ninja Mega Kitchen System and Blender

This 1500-watt blender can pulverize ice to snow similarly as quick as most Vitamix models. It likewise accompanies various embellishments that make it a worth that is difficult to rival. Truth be told, at the hour of distributing, 87% of the astounding 21,279 audits on Amazon were five-star.

The Ninja accompanies a huge 72-ounce pitcher to mix anything you can imagine just as an eight-cup food processor bowl to uniformly hack (it can make as much as two pounds of batter in 30 seconds), just as two 16-ounce cups with to-go tops. It’s likewise dishwasher safe, has four variable velocities and a heartbeat button. You can’t, notwithstanding, put hot fluids into this model.

$159.99 at

What to Look for When Shopping for a Blender


The explanation Vitamix has for quite some time been worshiped is that it packs significant drive. It can in a real sense obliterate any frozen or non-frozen thing in a moment or two. On the off chance that a food mixes, Vitamix can mix it and it can mix it quick.

By and large, pack an incredible 1,400 watts. On the off chance that you anticipate tossing extreme food things into your blender – including ice, frozen organic products, nuts and veggies like carrots without first hacking them into fine pieces – you’ll need to search for a blender that is somewhere around 1,000 watts. Your standard blender has around 500 to 750 watts (however some are planned with just 300 watts). At the point when you’re taking a gander at 750 watts or less, don’t depend on satiny soups and smoothies, or ice that can quickly be squashed into snow.

Variable Speeds

In case you’re on the lookout for a blender for the sole reason for making smoothies and purées, you probably won’t put as much worth on whether a blender has customizable speed alternatives. Assuming, in any case, you anticipate likewise utilizing your machine for sensitive assignments, as finely hacking nuts or making a velvety mayonnaise, these components are vital.

Variable speed dials can be essential, which means they’ll accompany low, medium and high alternatives, or they can be more explicit with dials you can physically control. Most Vitamix models, for instance, accompany manual rates you can move from level 1 to 10, so you can slash, crush, whip, mix, heat, mix, purée, plan frozen treats, etc, to the specific surface you’re needing.

Heartbeat Function

A heartbeat work permits clients the capacity to effectively wind down their machine on and again with the flick of a switch or press of a button to get an exceptionally exact surface/size (think cleaved nuts or espresso beans where size and surface significantly affect flavor).

Models that have customizable velocities and heartbeat capacities will in general cost more, yet they might set aside you cash over the long haul since they can frequently be utilized instead of a food processor. By and large, a blender is utilized to create things you can drink, shower or plunge, though a food processor is utilized to create things you can eat with a fork – however a blender that can beat and fluctuate its speed setting can without much of a stretch do a considerable lot of the undertakings food processors are intended to do.


Few out of every odd blender can mix hot fluids, so in case you’re hoping to make soups, ensure you’re selecting a model that takes into consideration it.

Pre-Set Programmed Speeds

In case you’re an amateur in the kitchen working with an elite blender, it very well may be not difficult to go in needing to cleave a few almonds just to, a couple of moments later, end up with rich, smooth almond margarine. In the event that this sounds like it may happen to you or you’re crunched for time, think about searching for a blender with pre-set modified paces.

This is one more element advocated by Vitamix. A portion of their models have upwards of five pre-customized speeds intended to remove the mystery from mixing. Just press a button like “smoothie,” and the blender will accomplish the work to gradually suck the fixings into its sharp edges prior to accelerating to max throttle to mix a smoothie with the ideal surface. Or then again, select “hot soup,” and watch as your machine step by step accelerates to max throttle for the measure of time expected to make a quite hot soup.


You can save oodles of cash on the off chance that you settle on a little, single-use blender. Truth be told, as a feature of denoting its 100th commemoration, Vitamix dispatched the Vitamix ONE, a more modest organization blender that is their most moderate model yet. For those inquisitive, it retails for $249.95 and keeping in mind that it conveys the powerful wattage you anticipate from Vitamix (1,000 watts), it doesn’t have variable paces, a heartbeat work or the capacity to mix hot fluids.

With regards to measure, you need to contemplate your way of life and why you’ll utilize your blender. On the off chance that you have a minuscule kitchen and simply need to make smoothies and flapjack hitter or to make some little child purées, there’s no compelling reason to put resources into a huge blender that will take up a huge load of counter space. As a little something extra, individual blenders typically accompany a cup-style compartment and additionally smaller container for little mixing errands permitting you to drink straight out of the vessel you mix your food varieties in. A few models even accompany conveying covers.


Vitamix is self-cleaning. Just put some fluid cleanser in your grimy container and turn on the blender. The containers are additionally dishwasher-safe (put them on the top rack of your dishwasher). Self-cleaning isn’t standard. Most impressive blenders accompany bases that need to intermittently be cleaned with a clammy towel, while the sharp edges should be flushed under sudsy faucet water to perfect and different parts are typically dishwasher-safe. Yet, this isn’t generally the situation. Try to take a gander at how a blender should be cleaned prior to buying.

Glass versus Plastic

Most superior blenders are made utilizing sans bpa plastic containers. With regards to being without poison, in any case, the most secure course to go is glass. Glass additionally doesn’t hold smells and stains the way that plastic does. So for what reason do most blenders utilize plastic? Glass is weighty and is simpler to break. In case glass is imperative to you, notwithstanding, search for one that has been warm shock tried, which means it’s not delicate to abrupt changes in temperature so you can, for instance, mix ice after the holder has been in the dishwasher.


Blenders are boisterous. Vitamix specifically is famous for being exceptionally boisterous – all that strength includes some major disadvantages and not simply a dollar one! There is, nonetheless, a range of commotion for certain blenders significantly less loud than others.

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