meet the iconic couple from the woodstock album co – tymoff


The Woodstock Music & Art Fair of 1969 was a defining moment in the history of music and counterculture. Capturing the essence of that era,

the iconic cover of the Woodstock album features a mesmerizing photo of a couple wrapped in a tender embrace amidst the festival’s jubilant chaos.

This enigmatic duo, often referred to as Co-Tymoff, became emblematic figures representing the spirit of love, peace, and unity that characterized the Woodstock era.

The Enigmatic Couple: Co-Tymoff

The Woodstock album cover immortalized a fleeting moment shared by a couple, their faces obscured, lost in an intimate connection amid the festival’s euphoria. Their identity remained a mystery for decades, fueling curiosity and speculation among music enthusiasts and historians alike.

Unveiling the Identity

Decades after the historic festival, the identity of this iconic couple emerged, bringing to light the story behind the photograph. The individuals in the photo were revealed to be Nick Ercoline and Bobbi Kelly, who, at the time, were just two young attendees caught up in the cultural phenomenon that was Woodstock.

Their Woodstock Experience

Nick and Bobbi, like many others, ventured to Woodstock in search of a shared experience, seeking the harmony and camaraderie promised by the festival’s ethos. Their spontaneous decision to attend the event led them to a moment that would forever define a generation. They found themselves unwittingly encapsulating the essence of the festival’s free-spirited atmosphere.

The Impact of the Image

The iconic Woodstock album cover, featuring Nick and Bobbi in a loving embrace, transcended mere representation; it became an enduring symbol of an era characterized by social change, musical revolution, and the pursuit of peace.


1. How did Nick and Bobbi end up on the Woodstock album cover?

Nick and Bobbi were captured in a candid moment by photographer Burk Uzzle during the Woodstock festival. Their image perfectly encapsulated the spirit of the event and was chosen as the cover art for the Woodstock album.

2. Were Nick and Bobbi aware of being photographed at that moment?

No, they were unaware of being photographed. The couple was simply enjoying the festival and happened to be captured by the photographer amid the crowd.

3. What impact did their image have on their lives after Woodstock?

Initially unaware of their presence on the album cover, Nick and Bobbi lived their lives out of the public eye. However, once their identities were revealed, they became revered symbols of the Woodstock era, occasionally making appearances at Woodstock-related events.

4. How did the Woodstock experience influence Nick and Bobbi’s lives?

The Woodstock experience remained a cherished memory for Nick and Bobbi. It symbolized a moment of unity, peace, and love in their lives, representing an era of cultural significance and personal connection.

5. What legacy do Nick and Bobbi hold within the Woodstock narrative?

As Co-Tymoff, Nick and Bobbi’s embrace on the album cover remains an enduring symbol of the Woodstock spirit. Their image embodies the essence of the era and serves as a reminder of the pursuit of harmony and togetherness that defined that moment in history.


Nick Ercoline and Bobbi Kelly, immortalized as Co-Tymoff on the Woodstock album cover, unknowingly became emblematic figures of an era that preached love, peace, and unity. Their spontaneous moment of intimacy amidst the chaos of the festival encapsulated the essence of Woodstock, leaving an indelible mark on the cultural landscape and reminding us of the enduring pursuit of harmony and togetherness.

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