Let’s see the kit of the makeup that gives a natural glow

Growing make-up star William Scott has a bold color palette lush cherry lips puffy cheeks Yves Clean Blue eyeliner but it’s a decent style of skin that has attracted the likes of Cindy Crawford Naomi Campbell and Padma Lakshmi .Icons have gained attention. A sleek canvas, shiny cheekbones and shiny lids are just a few Scott signatures. As the 29 year old artist points out her career in beauty was not really in the game plan. In fact, it wasn’t until the end of high school in Miami that Scott discovered and ate Pixie Woo’s YouTube tutorials that impressed him. I bought a one-way ticket to New York and said ‘I’m going to do this’ and never looked back.

In the years that followed, Scott helped make-up artist legends including Pete McGraw and Francois Norris and one ultimate aesthetic identity fresh flawless skin a pop to stop your tracks. Browse for clients such as Carly Klaus Matt Tully and Amandella Steinberg Is about Chair to look like yourself .Read on for Scott’s Secret Tactical Acquisition of Innocent Skin, the five makeup accessories in your bag and a very memorable I made it career moment.

Each time I applied the foundation, I applied the foundation and then rubbed my hands together to make it very hot and I pressed the foundation into the skin and put it inside. Then I go back and check. It helps me get married to the skin of the foundation and make it look smooth like it’s your own skin .I would like a shiny lid. Whenever I am moisturizing, I will put some lip balm on the lips and on the tops and lids of the cheeks. I like its style.

I applied fresh sugar smoothing lip primer to each one. It’s like a lip serum. If your lips are chapped it removes the dryness and refreshes them. It works instantly but it doesn’t help keep your lips hydrated so you need to apply a balm .A foundation stick such as Westman Atelier’s Vital Skin, on the creamer side can do double duty as a foundation or concealer .It attacks this line of construction but it’s also about how well it disappears. Mascara whether it is brown clear or black. Right now I’m using one through Thrive Causemetics.

  Cream blush can replace a powder blush and even a highlighter creamy gives you the effect of this dew and the color is very delicate .it looks like the natural warmth of the cheek is coming through this blush .A good navy, dark green or beer liner instead of black is a good staple. It’s not black but it still adds dimension as well as density to your host line. I like urban fall .I look at the people on the street for my beauty. I was just in a [proud] march last Sunday and there were a lot of pretty weird people. I want to see what people are doing for themselves on a daily basis not necessarily who is performing for their followers. No shadow on anyone!

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